The Voice of the Independent Oil and Gas Producers in New Mexico


IPANM is the voice of the independent oil and gas producers in New Mexico. We advance and preserve the interests of independent oil and gas producers while educating the public to the importance of oil and gas to the state and all our lives.


Laws facing the oil and gas industry are constantly changing. We keep our members and the public informed on laws about emissions, production and more.


With topics like pollution and means of production, IPANM stays informed and informs the public on new and current issues.


New Mexico is one of the most important states in the industry. Staying informed on local and national industry news makes our state one of the best.

Legislative Matters

IPANM aims to always offer its voice on legislative matters facing New Mexico.


Educating the public and IPANM members about the benefits of our industry is a primary goal of our organization.


Our members form professional relationships with the right people and help grow their businesses. Join IPANM to better your business.

The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico

What’s in a Barrel of Oil?

In the United States, one barrel of oil is 42 gallons. Those 42 gallons can be used to produce anything from gasoline to jet fuel to asphalt. Oil is a central part of many modern amenities. IPANM helps the independent gas and oil producer to continue the integral work that needs to be done to produce oil and keep the industry alive and well.

Enter Our Wildlife in the Oilfield Contest

Win cash prizes for the best photo or video demonstrating wildlife adapting to manmade changes in their environment!


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