A New Day at IPANM




Our Members

IPANM was founded in 1978 by a concerned group of New Mexico independent oil and natural gas producers, and the majority of our membership is still comprised of independents, both large and small. However, drilling contractors, service companies, royalty owners, attorneys, accountants, consultants, educational instructors, public relations firms, and other professionals also comprise a significant percentage of our membership.

Message From Our President

Dear Current or Perspective New Members of IPANM:

On behalf of IPANM’s Board of Directors, thank you for your interest in IPANM! I hope you have had the chance to explore our brand-new website. We are proud to offer this information to the public, and offer additional exclusive bonus information on this site to our members. Join IPANM now to get your special access to all of the resources here, as well as access to upcoming information on our Annual Meeting in July, regional gatherings, training sessions, our newsletters and our email alerts.

Since 1978, IPANM has brought independents of all shapes and sizes together to meet the periphery challenges of the oil and gas industry. In 2020, those challenges will likely grow with anti- oil and gas legislation coming at us from various county, state and federal agencies; new taxes; more environmental issues; and, an ever-growing minefield of regulations from all levels of government.

IPANM is already preparing for these challenges. We will continue to monitor and lobby on behalf of your interests, work with state and federal agencies to achieve policies that are business-friendly while maintaining environmental stewardship, and pursue legal action in extreme cases where satisfactory compromises cannot be reached.

To make all of this happen, we need your support now more than ever. Our membership prices remain the same for 201920. All of the information you need to become a member of IPANM is on this webpage. Thank you for your continued and generous support. Contact me at kaa@armstrongenergycorp.com with any questions or concerns anytime.

Kyle Armstrong

IPANM President for 2019-20

Executive Vice President

Armstrong Energy Corp.

Defend, Protect, Promote

At IPANM, we advance and preserve the interests of independent oil and gas producers while educating the public to the importance of oil and gas to the state and all our lives.

The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico was formed in 1978 by a concerned group of New Mexico independent oil and natural gas producers. In the spirit of this tradition, IPANM continues to grow and provide the services that protect, defend, and promote the industry that is the very foundation of our way of life.

Primary Goals of IPANM
• Educate the public about the benefits provided by our industry.
• Monitor industry issues on the state and national levels and get involved when necessary.
• Provide industry updates, technical education and networking opportunities.
• Challenge anti-industry groups who seek to intentionally deceive the public.


We stand committed to the independent oil and gas producers of New Mexico.

The Voice of the Independents: IPANM recognizes that from time to time, the needs of the independent producers differ from the majors. That is why we were formed in the first place.
We approach everything we do in consideration of the independent oil and natural gas producers.

Strategically Independent: IPANM is not afraid to stand up for smaller operators, even when other industry-friendly associations take different strategic positions on issues.

Membership: IPANM consists of members from various sectors of the oil and gas industry. Our members range from small, independent oil and gas producers (upstream) to small, independent pipeline workers and production site transportation employees (midstream), to independent marketers, consultants and bankers (downstream).


We will always be independent, but we recognize our friends are not our enemies.

New Collaborative Approach: While our association prides itself on its much-needed independent voice, it shouldn’t come at a cost of alienating our friends. Several recent developments with IPANM’s leadership illustrate a new, collaborative approach for the future:

• In the past fews years, both IPANM and NMOGA have hired new executive directors. IPANM’s new Executive Director Jim Winchester and NMOGA’s Executive Director Ryan Flynn previously worked side-by-side for four years together under Gov. Susana Martinez.

New Collaborative Results

 IPANM and NMOGA are aligned on several current issues

Venting and Flaring— Promoting new findings that indicate significant methane emission reductions in New Mexico due to industry technology, and strategically collaborating to fight against a statewide Methane Rule in New Mexico.
The LPC and DSL— IPANM and NMOGA are working together to push back against recent renewed calls for endangered species listings of the Lesser Prairie Chicken (LPD) and Desert Sand Lizard (DSL)
Sandoval County Oil & Gas Ordinance—Working together to fight back against overly restrictive proposed oil and gas ordinances.

Member Services

IPANM Annual Meeting

The IPANM Annual Meeting is a perfect opportunity to network with other top decision-makers in the industry in New Mexico. Timely and informative sessions!

Media Outreach

IPANM promotes the many positive aspects of industry, including state revenues, job creation and environmental stewardship. Likewise, when the anti-industry folks make false allegations, IPANM steps up and sets the record straight.

Digital Engagement

Social media (Facebook) and a strong web presence is a centerpiece of IPANM’s communication strategy. Our website (www.ipanm.org) is the up-to-date New
Mexico resource for independents, with articles for anyone who needs information on the industry.

Email Alerts

When information is important, IPANM issues email alerts exclusively to our members. More information on the subject is linked to our website.

Legislative Monitoring

IPANM monitors all proposed legislation in the State of New Mexico and actively lobbies on behalf of the interest of independent producers on all bills impacting industry.

Regulatory Engagement

IPANM works with government agencies and maintains productive relationships with leaders to achieve policies that are both business-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Legal Representation

When necessary, IPANM will pursue legal action in extreme cases where satisfactory compromises cannot be reached. While other associations shy away from litigation, IPANM holds firm and follows through to the end.

Four Key Priorities

Our Members Are Our Strongest Asset: With hundreds of years worth of oil and gas experience, IPANM continues to engage our members to fight the challenges facing independents. IPANM is also in the midst of a targeted recruiting campaign to bring more members into our association.

Legislative Session: The 2020 New Mexico Legislative Session runs from Jan. 21 to Feb. 20, 2020 in Santa Fe. IPANM will be actively lobbying legislators and making strategic public comments on behalf of our members. Members have numerous options to get involved, including activities on Oil & Gas Day!

Strategic Alliances: The entire oil and gas Industry is under attack in New Mexico from activists who want to put operators out of business. IPANM is already brokering strategic alliances with industry friendly groups to add the voice of the independents into a much louder, industry-wide chorus.

Annual Conference: The 2020 Annual Meeting is set for July 22 to 24, 2020 at the award-winning Hotel Chaco in Albuquerque! Plans are moving forward for another exciting agenda filled with great speakers and activities for our members, including our Annual Golf Outing. Sponsorships are available!

Message From Our Executive Director

Dear IPANM Members and Prospective Members:

As I head into my third year as IPANM’s Executive Director, I’d like to thank the membership for their support. More importantly, I’d like to thank our members for their passion and hard work on behalf of all independents in New Mexico. Independents are the backbone of the Oil & Gas industry. So, if you are an independent producer, work with independents, or want to keep up on our latest efforts, I encourage you to join our association. Give us a year of your support, and I guarantee you will benefit through any number of events, information, or legislative efforts from IPANM.  Please do not hesitate to reach me at jimwinchester@ipanm.org if I can be of any service.

Highest regards,

Jim Winchester
Executive Director, IPANM