A New Day at IPANM




Meet our Board Members


The activities of IPANM are truly directed by its members. The member-elected Board of Directors guides all business conducted by the Association. The Board has outsourcing arrangements to support its administrative and lobbying functions. Consequently, IPANM focuses on the concerns of the independent oil and gas producers in New Mexico, while advocating for industry as a whole.

Our Board consists of five Executive Board Members consisting of the Board President, the most-recent Past Board President, the SouthEast Region Vice-President, the Northwest Region Vice-President & the Treasurer. Each executive Board Member serves a 3-year term, with a single new Executive Board member replacing the outgoing Past Board President on an annual basis.

The 12-person Elected Board of Directors consists four members from the SouthEast Region, four members from the NorthWest Region and four members At-Large. Elected Board members serve three-year terms and are eligible to seek reelection.

All Past Board Presidents retain lifetime board seats. While not required to attend quarterly board meetings, they can participate and vote during board meetings (or assign a proxy) if they so choose. Past Board members do not count towards a quorum count to conduct board meetings.

Kyle Armstrong

IPANM President

Executive Vice President
Armstrong Energy Corporation

John Thomas

IIPANM Past President

Production and Asset Manager
Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC

Ryan Davis

IPANM Northwest Vice President

Production Engineer
Merrion Oil and Gas

Mitch Krakauskas


Vice President 
Strata Production Company

Nick McClelland

IPANM Southeast Vice President

Land Manager
Manzano Energy Partners

2019-2020 Elected Board Members

Northwest Region

John Alexander
Dugan Production Corp.

John Bruner
Logos Resources LLC

Alex Campbell
Enduring Resources

Jerry Austin
DJR Operating

Southeast Region

Jared Hembree
Hinkle Shanor LLP

Ron Hillman
Armstrong Energy Corporation

Rory McMinn
Independent Consultant

Soon To Be Appointed

Out of State/At-Large

Ed Lauer
Lucky Services Inc.

Dwane McQuitty
Nova Mud, Inc.

Walter Glasgow
Burnett Oil Co., Inc.

Randall Hudson
Hudson Oil Company of Texas

Past President Board of Directors

Past Presidents who remain active members of IPANM

Robert G. Armstrong
Tucker Bayless
John Byrom
Claire Chase
Richard Gilliland
Dan Girand
Frank Gorham III

Mitch Krakauskas
Kevin McCord
T. Greg Merrion
Tom Mullins
Mark Murphy
Greg Nibert
Glen Papp

Tommy Roberts
Larry Scott
John Thompson
Paul Thompson
Frank Yates
George Yates

Historical Presidents and Award Recipients

1979:  President, Peyton Yates; Member of the Year, Larry Harris
1980:  President, Dave Thomas Jr.
1981:  President, William LeMay; Member of the Year, Roy Crocker; Distinguished Life Award, Dave Thomas Jr.
1982:  President, Robert L. Bayless; Member of the Year, George Yates
1983:  President, Alan Antweil; Member of the Year, William LeMay
1984:  President, Albert R. Greer; Member of the Year, Peyton Yates
1985:  President, George M. Yates; Member of the Year, Albert Greer; Statesmanship Award, Robert M. Moran
1986:  President, Tom Dugan; Member of the Year, Joe Kelly; Statesmanship Award, Steve Reynolds
1987:  President, Donald Stevens
1988:  President, Fred Schlicher; Member of the Year, Bruce D. Ritter
1989:  President, Tommy Roberts
1990:  President, Joseph Kelly
1991:  President, Sylvia Little
1992:  President, Sylvia LIttle
1993:  President, Dan Girand
1994:  President, Dan Girand
1995:  President, Kevin McCord; Member of the Year, Dan Girand; Statesmanship Award, Pete Domenici
1996:  President, Mark Murphy; Distinguished Life Award, Alvin Baca
1997:  President, Mark Murphy; Distinguished Life Award, Robert L. Bayless
1998:  President, Frank Gorham III; Member of the Year, Bruce D. Ritter
1999:  President, Frank Gorham III; Member of the Year, Albert Greer
2000:  President, Frank Yates, Jr.; Member of the Year, Mark Murphy
2001:  President, Frank Yates, Jr.; Member of the Year, Gerald Harrington
2002:  President, Tucker Bayless; Member of the Year, Tom Dugan
2003:  President, Jeff Harvard; Member of the Year, Frank Yates, Jr.; Statesmanship Award, Joe Skeen
2004:  President, T. Greg Merrion; Member of the Year, John Byrom; Statesmanship Award, Dr. Robert Lee
2005:  President, Chuck Moran; Member of the Year, Greg Nibert
2006:  President, Paul Thompson; Member of the Year, Johnny Gray
2007:  President, Johnny Knorr; Member of the Year John Byrom
2008:  President, John Byrom; Member of the Year, Tom Mullins
2009:  President, Larry Scott; Distinguished Life Award, Bruce D. Ritter
2010:  President, Robert G. Armstrong; Member of the Year, Gerald Harrington
2011:  President, John Thompson; Member of the Year, Jeff Harvard; Statesmanship Award, Linda Rundell;
Distinguished Life Award, Dan Girand
2012:  President, Greg Nibert; Members of the Year, Pit Rule Committee–Larry Scott, Paul Thompson, John Thompson and Tom Mullins; Distinguished Life Award, Tom Dugan; Citizenship Award, Mark Mathis
2013:  President, Gary Brink; Member of the Year, Greg Nibert
2014:  President, Richard Gilliland; Member of the Year, Andrew Cloutier
2015:  President, Glen Papp; Member of the Year, Richard Gilliland
2016:  President, Mitch Krakauskas; Member of the Year, Dan Girand
2017:  President, Tom Mullins; Member of the Year, Mitch Krakauskas
2018:  President, Claire Chase; Member of the Year, Larry Scott
2019:  President, John Thomas; Member of the Year, Francisco Olvera; Company of the Year, Merrion Oil & Gas