Last week, we sent an update on action regarding the proposed ordinance in Sandoval County and requested support for the Commission to vote yes to publishing the draft ordinance (August 24th meeting of the County Commission). Unfortunately, that motion failed on a 2-2 vote (Chapman/Heil voted yes and Block/Eichwald voted no) and the Commission did not publish the ordinance (effectively delaying their ability to vote on it any sooner than late September). Since then, there have been two more iterations of the draft ordinance with the most recent one attached (this is the one that will be used for the Planning & Zoning Commission’s work session next week) and a new Commissioner appointed to replace Commissioner Dominguez who resigned earlier this year.

Industry continues to work with both the Planning & Zoning and County Commissioners toward an business-friendly ordinance. Please see the scheduled of upcoming meeting dates regarding the ordinance – all meetings take place at 6 p.m. MST in the county’s administrative building (1500 Idalia Rd., Bernalillo).

Tuesday, September 5th (Planning & Zoning Commission work session)

Thursday, September 7th (County Commission meeting – new Commissioner sworn in and vote to publish ordinance)

Tuesday, September 12th (Planning & Zoning Commission – vote on the ordinance)

Thursday, September 21st (County Commission meeting – final vote on ordinance contingent upon ordinance being published in advance) – Please attend to testify for industry.

Stoddard 9-1-17