A New Day at IPANM

IPANM Takes BLM Rights-of-Way Concerns To State & Federal Leaders

IPANM – Several discussions between IPANM and BLM New Mexico as well as BLM Headquarters in Washington D.C. have led to a recommendation that operators in New Mexico tentatively hold off on updating BLM Rights-of-Way Bonding updates, despite recent directives and information from the BLM Farmington Field Office and Carlsbad Field Office.

IPANM spoke with U.S. Department of Interior Deputy Director Casey Hammond on Dec. 3, 2019 over a conference call to further discuss issues operators were having attempting to renew ROW bonds out of the Farmington Field Office.

Please see IPANM’s follow-up letter to the BLM for further updates and guidance on the situation as it currently stands:  IPANM’s Dec. 4, 2019 Letter to Dept. of Interior  RE:  ROW Bonding

IPANM Meets with BLM about ROW Bonding Issues in NW (October 31, 2019 Update)

 Feds appoint Spisak as new BLM New Mexico State Director