On Tuesday afternoon, IPANM’s Executive Director, Jim Winchester, attended the State Land Office’s quarterly update meeting to Oil & Gas Industry representatives in Santa Fe. One of the topics discussed at the meeting included a call for a small group of volunteers to help develop guidelines for off-lease issues that have arisen on state lands. The major concern is when companies use a business lease and what is considered “on-lease” in our day-to-day operations. They would also like to get a group together to discuss salt water disposal as it relates to off-lease disposal.

IPANM would like to have a seat at the table in these discussions. Therefore, we are seeking information from our members who have had issues related to these topics. Please drop Jim an email at jimwinchester@ipanm.org with a brief summary of your experience or concerns related to this issue.

Likewise, we are seeking one or two volunteers from our membership to serve as an IPANM representative on these groups.  It is anticipated that the groups will meet only a few times over the next few weeks to submit feedback. Please email me at jimwinchester@ipanm.org or feel free to call Jim at 505-933-2070 if you are interested in serving on these groups by Monday, October 9, 2017.