Please join in supporting our industry by testifying this evening at the Sandoval County Commission meeting:

Thursday, August 24, 2017
6 p.m. (arrive early to sign in and get a seat)
Sandoval County Administration
1500 Idalia Building D, Bernalillo, NM 87004
County Commission Chambers (3rd floor)

The agenda for tonight’s meeting is attached and industry needs to support a yes vote on item number eight. This will allow for the County Commission to receive public comment on Commissioner Stoddard’s ordinance while the Planning & Zoning Commission continues to work toward making a recommendation to the County Commissioners; working parallel will provide both Commissions the opportunity to work more efficiently toward voting on the ordinance while providing transparency for all interested parties.

Brief History: 

Sandoval County has been struggling for nearly two years to develop a process for regulating industry seeking to do business in the county, specifically an ordinance. Currently, there are two different county permits that allow industry to operate in the county, but the processes to obtain either permits requires public hearings before both the Planning & Zoning and the County commissions in addition to the compliance with the regulations set forth by the county. Prior to P & Z Commissioner Stoddard introducing his ordinance, the county has drafted ordinances for consideration that are modeled after Santa Fe, San Miguel, and Rio Arriba counties. While our industry is already heavily regulated by both federal and state governments and additional local regulation is unwelcome, the regulatory uncertainty created by the current and county-proposed permitting processes in Sandoval County have determined that a common-sense ordinance (essentially a permit by rule process as in Commissioner Stoddard’s proposed ordinance) is the best path forward for industry.

The Planning & Zoning Commission began working on Commissioner Stoddard’s ordinance this past Tuesday (August 22nd) and the Commissioner is meeting with staff today to continue to work on it. Attached is the most recent version of the working draft, which will be very similar (if not identical) to the one the County Commission will vote to publish tonight. If tonight’s vote passes, this working document will be posted to the county’s website and receive public comment for at least two weeks.

Agenda (SCC 8 24 2017)

Stoddard’s Ordinance (edited post 8 22 17 PZ meeting)

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