Revised BLM Rule represents more sensible approach to regulation

ROSWELL, NM — Today, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released its revised Waste Prevention Rule which outlines a more sensible approach to oil and gas production while protecting the environment.

“The revised BLM rule is a correction of the implausible 2016 Waste Prevention Rule,” said Jim Winchester, Executive Director of the Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico. “The proposed 2016 rule was duplicative to other existing state and federal regulations, and would have decimated a large number of independent producers and wells in New Mexico.”

New Mexico oil and gas operators would have faced significant overhead costs and increased operational expenses to implement the rule proposed by the Obama administration in late 2016. The 2016 rule disproportionally targeted oil wells that produce less than 15 barrels of oil equivalent per day, which amounts to over 30,000 wells in New Mexico alone.

As part of IPANM’s efforts to support a revised BLM rule, one of IPANM’s San Juan Basin gas producers traveled to Washington, D.C., this past summer to provide data to federal policymakers that demonstrates the danger of over-regulation. The data demonstrated that the enormous costs for compliance under the proposed 2016 Waste Prevention Rule would have led to wells being plugged and abandoned prematurely. Data presented further demonstrated that the forced abandonment of just six lower-producing wells would result in a $151,000 royalty loss to New Mexico per year. It’s estimated that upwards of 15,000 producing wells across New Mexico could have been abandoned due to the enormous costs of the proposed 2016 rule.

“The premature abandonment of these wells not only impacts an independent producer’s business, it leaves oil and gas resources unrecovered, which results in a significant reduction in royalty revenues paid to the state and a loss of jobs in local communities,” said Winchester. “Millions of dollars that might otherwise be used for teacher salaries, textbooks and school buses in New Mexico would have simply disappeared due to a federal regulatory overreach.”

The collective estimated value of the unrecovered oil and gas resources, the premature abandonment of wells and the elimination of jobs due to the 2016 Waste Prevention Rule would have cost an estimated $112 million to New Mexico.

Recent data also shows that technological advances by industry have already decreased methane emissions despite a significant increase in oil and gas production in recent years. According to the EPA, methane emissions in the San Juan Basin have fallen by 47% from 2011-2016. Methane emissions in the Permian Basin have fallen by 6% over the same period of time.

June 28 Midland Mixer

As part of our Annual Meeting/Member Recruiting campaign, IPANM will be holding a special Midland Mixer Happy Hour on Thursday, June 28, 2018 from 5 to 7 p.m at the Midland DoubleTree Hotel (See Graphic Below). Please feel free to join us, especially if you are in the Midland area.


Annual Meeting Registration is Open

It is my pleasure to announce that registration is now open for the 2018 IPANM Annual Meeting! This year’s meeting will take place from July 25 to 27, 2018 at the award-winning Hotel Chaco in Albuquerque. This facility is top-notch and the hotel staff has worked hard to provide fantastic venues at both the new Hotel Chaco and neighboring Hotel Albuquerque to accommodate our guests.

The speaker line-up for this year’s meeting will offer numerous experts and updates on the oil and gas industry in New Mexico. Headline speakers for this year’s event feature representatives from the U.S. Department of Interior, the Independent Petroleum Association of American (IPAA), renowned climate contrarion Myron Ebell and Governor Susana Martinez. We also look forward welcoming our State Land Commissioner, Oil Conservation Director, and several other representatives from key state offices involved in oil and gas development.

I’m especially proud to announce Taya Kyle as our special guest and keynote speaker. Taya is the widow of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle (American Sniper). Taya, who has strong connections to the Odessa area, has become a renowned American author, political commentator and military veteran’s family activist. She is a highly sought-after speaker on the national stage, so we are honored she has agreed to address our members.

To ensure your spot at the meeting, please register as soon as possible for our annual meeting and then book your hotel rooms at a special rate at Hotel Chaco. We also encourage members to bring along your family for a few days of fun. In addition to your participation, please reach out to your industry colleagues and urge them to join us for our largest annual event. It’s our hope that this conference will create a buzz within the industry in our state and bring more members into our association.

Before we could even get registration open, we’ve sold a large number of sponsorships. If you’d like to consider sponsoring this year’s annual conference, please see page 6 of the Registration Brochure on the button below and put your request in as soon as possible.  They’re going fast!

Finally, please encourage your industry associates to attend this year’s Annual Meeting, even if they are not members of IPANM. We plan to use this event to market our association and encourage non-member attendees to join IPANM. We continue to proudly work hard to be the voice of the independent producers in New Mexico.

Registration Brochure


Alex Epstein Artesia Dinner

We wanted to share a very exciting event with you, taking place in Artesia on Tuesday, April 3rd. Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, will keynote a dinner being held at the Artesia Country Club at 6:00 PM. Below you will find a link to the information brochure. Please feel free to contact Hayley Klein at the Artesia Chamber of Commerce with any questions or to sign up!<>


Seeking Director of Operations

The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico (IPANM) seeks a part-time Director of Operations to oversee the implementation of the administrative, financial and public relations duties of our association. The Director of Operations handles the day-to-day operations of IPANM and serves as the lead organizer of our annual conference, which includes the management of staff hired specifically for this event.

This position reports to the Executive Director and will work with the Board of Directors and IPANM members. The successful candidate will need to be a self-starter, will work from his or her home, and will need to be flexible with work hours on occasion.  One-year professional services contract.

IPANM is the voice of the independent oil and gas producers in New Mexico since 1978.


Promote and foster communication with IPANM’s Executive Director, IPANM’s President, Board of Directors, membership, employees, and contractors.

  • Responsible for sending time-sensitive messages to members, news releases and responding to media calls.
  • Maintains IPANM’s website and social media pages and keep the content of such sites current, in accordance with IPANM policies. Coordinate any work with outside contractors. Maintain a U.S. Postal Service post office box solely for IPANM’s use.
  • Work with the Executive Director to produce informational quarterly newsletters on a regular basis for its members and others, including in collecting, compiling and editing articles submitted for each issue of the newsletter, as well as complete a graphic layout and publish the newsletter in paper and web formats.
  • Secure meeting space, making announcements of such meetings, collecting agenda items, producing informational handouts and other administrative matters required by such meetings. Be present at such meetings to record the content of the meetings to later be distributed to attendees.

Oversee operational and reserve bank accounts for IPANM, including monitoring bank balances, preparing and properly coding daily cash reports and check requests, coordination with IPANM’s outside contractor bookkeeping staff, and review of bookkeeping reports.

  • Coordinate with and assist IPANM’s Secretary/Treasurer and Executive Board in compiling an annual budget.
  • Responsible for annual member fee invoicing, as well as invoicing for annual meeting, seminars, or any other IPANM event where charges occur.
  • Serve as the Membership Committee Chairman and will coordinate the activities as requested by Committee members.

Administrative Records:
Maintain all electronic records and regular backups of data files.

  • Maintain an electronic database of all IPANM member records to include, but not limited to, contact information, dues payments, Board of Director information, event registration information, mailing lists, and legislative and regulatory contact information. Produce necessary reports based upon the information housed in the database.

Annual Meetings and Seminars:
Manage the annual meeting, including but not limited to producing publications, registration and sponsorship information, assisting in the selection of speakers and coordination thereof, coordination of all events with venue personnel, registration and sponsorship billings, keeping the Board of Directors informed of sponsorship status and financial projections, and coordination of on-site staff at the meetings.

  • Additionally, from time to time IPANM conducts educational seminars for its members. The Director of Operations will assist and coordinate these seminars in a similar fashion as for the annual meetings.  Hire personnel to assist at these events as needed.

 Public Relations:
Cooperate with and assist IPANM and its employees and independent contractors in maintaining good public relations and casting IPANM and the oil and gas industry in a favorable light.

  • Oversee annual “Wildlife in the Oilfield” photo contest making announcements, entry forms and posters available to industry companies, as well as postings to the IPANM website.

IPANM is seeking a Director of Operations candidate with:

  • 3-5 years’ experience working in administration or operations of a company or non-profit
  • 3-5 years’ experience managing or assisting in the management of special events or conferences
  • Knowledge of current business, organization, operational and communications software
  • Prefer knowledge of the oil and gas industry

Please send an interest letter with your name and resume and applicable references to the attention of Pam Garlinger at, on or before Friday, March 23, 2018.

Deductible Portion of 2017 Dues

The percentage of your 2017 membership dues used as lobbying expense was 19%.  Therefore, 81% of your IPANM dues are deductible in calculating your taxable income for the fiscal year in which the dues were paid.  This information will be needed in preparing your company’s tax returns.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Come to New Mexico on Behalf of Steve Pearce

This notice is for informational purposes only.  This is not an endorsement by IPANM, who does not endorse any candidate for political office.

Steve Pearce is seeking election the office of Governor of the State of New Mexico.

Event Date:  Thursday, February 8
Event Time:  Evening Roundtable, VIP Cocktail Reception, Dinner
Event Location:  Hobbs, NM
Requested Fund Amount:  None noted
RSVP Contact:  For reservations or additional information, call 575/390-8050 or email


IPANM and NMOGA Strategically Working Together on Key Issues

Monday, Dec. 18, 2017

IPANM and NMOGA announce alliance to promote and protect New Mexico’s oil and natural gas industry

(Santa Fe) – The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico (IPANM) and the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA) today announce a new strategic alliance to promote and protect New Mexico’s oil and gas industry. The collaborative effort will help raise awareness of the benefits of the oil and gas industry to New Mexico at time when oil and gas production is at its highest point in years.

“This is a win for our entire industry and for New Mexico, which already leads most national categories when it comes to the responsible development of our rich oil and gas resources,” said NMOGA Executive Director Ryan Flynn. “Members of both associations should be confident that we are working together to promote an industry-friendly business and regulatory environment based on sound science. Both groups will work together to provide more high-paying jobs and tax revenue to help fuel the economic engine of our state.”

“It’s important that IPANM’s voice for independent oil and gas producers aligns with NMOGA on important issues that impact the entire industry,” said IPANM Executive Director Jim Winchester. “As IPANM and NMOGA are already working together and share the same positions on most oil and gas issues, we will now better amplify our shared positions on critical oil and gas-related issues.”

New Mexico’s oil and natural gas industry is responsible for over 100,000 jobs in the state. When production increases, so does job creation and revenue to help fund schools, health care, public safety and other critical state priorities. New Mexico currently ranks 5th in the nation in oil production and is 9th in the nation in the production of natural gas.

Under the agreement, the two associations remain operationally independent but will work collectively on strategic messaging for the public and the state legislature. Both associations will look to formalize the agreement at upcoming board meetings in early 2018.

Several recent developments in both associations’ leadership have helped bolster the new, collaborative approach for the future. In August 2017, Claire Chase was named the new president of IPANM for this current year.  Following the completion of her tenure as IPANM’s leader, she will take on the role of president of NMOGA which will provide symmetry for both associations. Also, in the past two years, both IPANM and NMOGA have hired new executive directors.  IPANM’s new Executive Director Jim Winchester and NMOGA’s Executive Director Ryan Flynn previously worked side-by-side in the Martinez Administration on state energy and environment issues.

IPANM and NMOGA collectively represent over 1,200 members associated with the oil and gas industry in New Mexico. NMOGA’s membership consists of 900.  IPANM members are comprised of independent corporations, individuals or entities that own or produce oil or natural gas for sale. Additional members render independent geological, engineering, drilling or other contract services in the industry in New Mexico.

Click here to see the pdf version:  121817 – FINAL – IPANM and NMOGA announce new alliance





ABO Summit, Oil & Gas Package

For some of you who may be interested in the emerging algae technology, we offer the following from Dr. Matt Carr, Executive Director of the Algae Biomass Organization:

The upcoming Algae Biomass Summit, to be held from October 29 – November 1, is just up the road in Salt Lake City.  We have an unprecedented amount of content on applications of algae for carbon capture and use, as well as other applications in oil & gas, mining, and extractive industries. We put together a special offer for attendees from these sectors.  Please see the link to the flyer below for details.<
Phone: (877)531-5512
Cell:     (202)579-0557

2017 ABO Summit Oil Gas and Mining Package 9_14_17

Meet IPANM’s New Executive Director

We are pleased to announce Jim Winchester as our new Executive Director of IPANM.  Jim has strong ties to both New Mexico and the state Oil & Gas Industry. Jim served as the Communications Director for both the New Mexico Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) and the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) from 2011 to 2015 working as an appointee under Governor Martinez.

At EMNRD, Jim worked with former Cabinet Secretaries John Bemis and David Martin. His duties included policy messaging for the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division and Oil Conservation Commission, which included developing communications to counter false claims about hydraulic fracturing and produced-water pit rule modifications. He also provided background support for the recently updated New Mexico State Energy Plan.

At NMED, Jim worked with then-Cabinet Secretary Ryan Flynn (now Executive Director of NMOGA) on communications related to utility regulatory issues, remediation and air quality, and oversight of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. His work at both departments also included extensive experience at each of the annual state legislative sessions.

Jim’s communication expertise matches our Board of Director’s desire to improve support for existing members and recruit new members to IPANM. He comes to us from the City of Boulder, where he has worked the past two-plus years as a communications manager. Having spent a few years getting an up-close understanding of some of the rhetoric of anti-industry attack groups, Jim says he is “motivated and eager” to promote the real facts and interests of the oil and gas industry. His two-plus year tenure out of state allows him to return and freely lobby state legislators on behalf of IPANM.

Prior to his work with the Martinez administration, Jim worked for 15-years as news reporter and anchor with tenures at television stations in Albuquerque, Milwaukee and Green Bay. His diverse educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.