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Deductibility of Dues

“The percentage of your 2017 membership dues used as lobbying expense was 19 percent.  Therefore, 81 percent of your IPANM dues are deductible in calculating your taxable income for the fiscal year in which the dues were paid.   This information will be needed in preparing your company’s tax returns.”

Key Benefits

Legislative Lobbying

IPANM has created, lobbied for, and successfully backed the passage of numerous pieces of legislation benefiting our industry and the people of New Mexico. We monitor lawmaker activities and get involved on state and national levels when necessary.

Regulatory Oversight

IPANM provides its members with critical information and representation on current and proposed regulations. To protect industry interests, our representatives sit on committees and task forces that help shape regulatory policy. IPANM provides legal and expert witness support to contest unfair regulation.

Technical Education and Networking Opportunities

Our annual meeting is a great opportunity to meet dozens of industry leaders and government officials. We bring in excellent speakers who brief us on the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges. IPANM also hosts regional training/education sessions and presentations throughout the year.

Media and Public Education

Without oil and natural gas, the modern world would stop working–instantly. And yet, the general public has little understanding of its complete dependence on petroleum. Even worse, professional attack groups use the news media to slander our industry with false accusations, junk science, and wild distortions. Their continuous smear campaign has led to over-regulation and unnecessary restrictions, which endanger our state and national economies as well as our national security. IPANM is working to right this wrong by regularly communicating with journalists to help them understand and accurately report on our industry. When the eco-attackers strike we are quick to debunk their distortions, half-truths, and outright lies with details, facts, and analyses of the big picture. Additionally, we support the National Energy Education Development project (NEED), which trains teachers in how to educate children about the importance of petroleum.