Monday, Dec. 18, 2017

IPANM and NMOGA announce alliance to promote and protect New Mexico’s oil and natural gas industry

(Santa Fe) – The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico (IPANM) and the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA) today announce a new strategic alliance to promote and protect New Mexico’s oil and gas industry. The collaborative effort will help raise awareness of the benefits of the oil and gas industry to New Mexico at time when oil and gas production is at its highest point in years.

“This is a win for our entire industry and for New Mexico, which already leads most national categories when it comes to the responsible development of our rich oil and gas resources,” said NMOGA Executive Director Ryan Flynn. “Members of both associations should be confident that we are working together to promote an industry-friendly business and regulatory environment based on sound science. Both groups will work together to provide more high-paying jobs and tax revenue to help fuel the economic engine of our state.”

“It’s important that IPANM’s voice for independent oil and gas producers aligns with NMOGA on important issues that impact the entire industry,” said IPANM Executive Director Jim Winchester. “As IPANM and NMOGA are already working together and share the same positions on most oil and gas issues, we will now better amplify our shared positions on critical oil and gas-related issues.”

New Mexico’s oil and natural gas industry is responsible for over 100,000 jobs in the state. When production increases, so does job creation and revenue to help fund schools, health care, public safety and other critical state priorities. New Mexico currently ranks 5th in the nation in oil production and is 9th in the nation in the production of natural gas.

Under the agreement, the two associations remain operationally independent but will work collectively on strategic messaging for the public and the state legislature. Both associations will look to formalize the agreement at upcoming board meetings in early 2018.

Several recent developments in both associations’ leadership have helped bolster the new, collaborative approach for the future. In August 2017, Claire Chase was named the new president of IPANM for this current year.  Following the completion of her tenure as IPANM’s leader, she will take on the role of president of NMOGA which will provide symmetry for both associations. Also, in the past two years, both IPANM and NMOGA have hired new executive directors.  IPANM’s new Executive Director Jim Winchester and NMOGA’s Executive Director Ryan Flynn previously worked side-by-side in the Martinez Administration on state energy and environment issues.

IPANM and NMOGA collectively represent over 1,200 members associated with the oil and gas industry in New Mexico. NMOGA’s membership consists of 900.  IPANM members are comprised of independent corporations, individuals or entities that own or produce oil or natural gas for sale. Additional members render independent geological, engineering, drilling or other contract services in the industry in New Mexico.

Click here to see the pdf version:  121817 – FINAL – IPANM and NMOGA announce new alliance