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Legal Fund 2020 Information & Hearing Schedule

IPANM (Oct. 29, 2019) - Due to a considerable number of important rulemaking hearings set for 2020, IPANM is asking members and industry non-members to contribute to our Legal Fund.  In some cases, IPANM will be the only group representing the interests of industry at...

Appeals Court affirms that leases in the greater Chaco area are legal

In a win for industry, on October 27th, the US Court of Appeals 10th circuit court affirmed the lower court's denial of injunctive relief on the case of Dine Citizens Against Ruining the Environment , et. al.  v. Jewell, No. 15-2130.  This case also has several...

IPANM to testify at ONRR hearing in DC

Over the past several years, IPANM has been at the forefront of working on the ONRR unbundling issue. Many, if not all, of our members producing on Federal Lands in Northwest New Mexico have been impacted by ONRR’s uneven application of this policy. The frustration levels are high and the costs of complying with the ONRR policy that no one seems to understand or fairly implement are also exceedingly high.

IPANM Joins Marketable Condition Lawsuit

Yesterday, IPANM filed amicus briefs with the New Mexico Supreme Court on a very important case here in New Mexico. As reported at the Annual Meeting, New Mexico has not adopted a ‘Marketable Condition Rule.’ There has been litigation on this issue for years, but the IPANM Board felt that now there is a case that warrants our involvement.

Fighting Back Against the Fracking Fighters

IPANM recently filed a lawsuit against the County of Mora and its Commissioners for passing an ordinance in that county that is a complete ban on oil and gas operations. In the media, the Chairman of the Commission is stating that this is a “fracking issue” and that the citizens of Mora County have the right to protect their water resources. The environmental blogs, media and Hollywood starlets are strongly behind the anti-fracking movement. In fact, even MoveOn.org has an application on line seeking “#FrackingFighters.” MoveOn has the funding to provide each Fracking Fighter with a $500 grant, a megaphone, signs and a script.

Mora County sued over oil-drilling ban

In a dispute being watched around the United States, a statewide oil and gas association and three Mora County landowners are suing the Mora County Commission over its ban on oil drilling. The lawsuit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque, claims the county’s action in April violates the plaintiffs’ civil rights and is unconstitutional.